Box gutter design - the joiner on display against a grey background.

About Us

As a Master Plumber and specialist Roof Plumber Melbourne for 37 years, I've seen many aspects of the plumbing industry.

A few years ago, I came across a relatively small residential job in roof plumbing, Melbourne (South Yarra), 14 metres of leaking box gutters! With tile roofs on both sides and four airconditioners, it would have needed an electrician and airconditioning technician to disconnect the airconditioners and 2 men to lift the roof and replace the box gutter. A relatively small job was going to become expensive.

I thought to myself, how to make this job easier? I came up with the idea for providing an easy and long lasting solution for box gutter replacement.

Since then I've been installing and repairing box gutters Melbourne wide and selling the Box gutter joiner to roof plumbers Melbourne and also in country Victoria and Australia. Saving time and money for both client and tradesman while conforming to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA).

The Box gutter joiner is patent pending, manufactured and sold in South East Melbourne, Australia.

Customer Quotes

'I could quote the job cheaper as I didn't have to lift the existing roofing in order to fit the new box gutter. So I got the job and made a good profit in 4 hours. A usually difficult job was made quick and easy with Andrew's box gutter joiner. Great invention, I recommend it for hard to replace box gutters and box gutter repairs jobs. Steve (Melbourne Roof Plumber)'

Quotes from Leading Authorities in the Victorian Plumbing and roofing industry

'Well done...There's been a lot of new jobs recently where i've been wondering how they will be able to replace the box gutters when the time heres the solution.'