Box gutter design - the joiner on display against a grey background.

Box Gutter Construction Details - Using the Joiner

Diagram of Box gutter construction details, using the Box gutter Joiner. The box gutter is fabricated in two 'L' shaped halves, and joined in the middle with a specially designed joining piece.


The Box Gutter Joiner is an innovation for the maintenance and repair of box gutters. Setting a new standard in the roofing industry, this new type of Box gutter construction makes the often difficult and time consuming job of replacing box guttering, easy. The key benefits are as follows..

  • Shortens the process of replacing box gutters to a fraction of the time taken with the current method.
  • No need for roof tampering.
  • Safe and easy box gutter installation.
  • Provides a long lasting box guttering solution.
  • Saves time and money for both roof plumber and client (average 60% savings).
  • Conforms to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) Part A.2

Current Treatment of Box Gutters (maintenance)

Existing box gutters (also known as concealed gutters) are bound with roofs above them and walls on their sides, and often require manual tampering in order to fit them in their location. During this process, the conventional 'C' shaped boxed gutter is likely to lose its original shape and not funnel stormwater effectively. Often roofs are required to be disassembled in order to allow the new box gutter to be placed in its final position, an operation that requires much time and cost. The scenario can get more complex when hazardous roofing materials such as asbestos are in place and special measures are required to be taken hence incurring greater costs. In industrial roofing applications 'C' shaped box gutters are often wide and long and would require several hands to convey thus increasing costs.  Read more about Box Gutters details..

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