Box gutter design - the joiner on display against a grey background.


Photo of the Box gutter joiner with reflection on a black background.

The Joiner

The Box gutter joiner consists of a top and bottom fixing plate, rubber and silicone seals, bolts with tightening nuts. Designed and engineered to join two 'L' shaped halves of box gutter with strength and to be 100% waterproof. The rolled form top and bottom sections are Zincalume coated and guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years. Materials are chemically compatible with the Zincalume sheets of the gutter and roof materials and can be provided in different materials and colours per request.

Photo of a commercial Box gutter installation using the joiner.

Box Gutter Installation using the Joiner

With a cladded wall and apron on one side and 14 metre click-lock roofing and installed services such as airconditioning and ventilation on the other. It would have taken much time and effort to replace the old box gutter because of the need to remove either the wall cladding and apron or the clip-lock roofing and flashing around the services. The roofing was around 30 years old and at a high risk of being damaged if tampered with. Normally it would need 3-4 people and would take at least 2 days. Using the Box gutter joiner and with all materials prepared, it took 1 person, 1 day to complete this box gutter installation job. Benefitting both roof plumber and client.

Box gutter construction, comparing box gutter installation using the joiner to incorrect box gutter installation techniques.

Box Gutter Installation Comparisons

Look closely at these Box gutters details - Sample Box gutter joiner installed over incorrectly installed 'C' box gutter. Firstly: The Box gutter joiner is easy to install and meets the recommended specifications for the roof (no side shortening necessary). You can see how the two 'L' shaped halves can be placed easily. Undearneath: The recently installed 'C' shaped box gutter had been installed directly on top of the old rusted one, and was already rusting and leaking because of the old metal transferring its properties! If you look closely you can also see the new 'C' shaped box gutter had the sides cut short to facilitate installation but inturn reducing the box gutters capacity and life expectancy and risking overflowing in heavy rain. This box gutter has had a short life because of the difficulty and expense entailed in lifting existing roofs in order to remove the old box gutter and install the new. The two old box gutters will now be removed and replaced with the box gutter joiner.

A Box gutter installation using the joiner. To install this box gutter there was no need to tamper with existing roofs, air conditioning units or roof capping.

A/C, no problem!

A new box gutter had recently been installed, but without removing the old one and by cutting the sides shorter. It wasnt long before a heavy downpour caused the new gutter to overflow into the old one and again the roof was leaking.. Using the Box gutter joiner, both the old and recently installed box gutter were removed and the job was finally done properly. There was no need to remove or tamper with existing roofing, a/c or capping.

Installation of the Box gutter joiner around a sump. Installation is the same as with conventional 'C' shaped box gutters.

Box Gutter Sump installation

The Box gutter joiner correctly installed around a sump. Installation is exactly the same as with a standard 'C' shaped box gutter.

A large commercial box gutter replacement job. The space between the two roofs was very narrow, but using the joiner the new box gutter could be placed without tampering with existing roof sheets.

Commercial Box Gutter Installation

Usually there would be no other way to replace this commercial box guttering than to lift existing roofing to gain access. With long sheets and a large roof, this job would have taken days. But with the Box gutter joiner there was no need for roof tampering. The job was done much faster and with no risk of damaging existing clip lock sheets. The Box gutter joiner is ideal for large commercial box gutter installation and replacement jobs, saving time and money and for both client and roof plumber.

Incorrect box gutter installation techniques, the old box gutter had not been removed and the new one placed on top with side shortened it had a lower capacity.

Incorrect Box Gutter Installation

To save time and effort at the cost of lifespan and correct functioning. The old box gutter was rusted and wasn't removed. The new box gutter was cut much lower on the sides to facilitate installation and placed on top of the old one with cardboard inbetween (to theoretically stop corrosion). The obvious problems: the cardboard wont last long, and with a heavy downpour the lower capacity box gutter is at risk of overflowing. With the new system using the Box gutter joiner all this could have been avoided. There is no need to tamper with existing roofing or cut the box gutter sides shorter than specified. The old gutter should have been removed in the first place!

The box gutter joiner has undergone water testing.

100% Leakproof Box Gutters

The Box gutter joiner passed this water test with flying colours. The two 'L' shaped halves of the box gutter are fastened with top and bottom fixing plates, bolted and sealed with rubber and silicone to provide a strong, secure and 100% leak proof box guttering system.